Common Rail Diesel Tuning

If u have a modern Diesel engine it’s most likely a common rail diesel, highly efficient powerful and torquey controlled by an Ecu. 



When it’s time to replace your injectors we are able to do this using genuine products, we can also supply larger injectors when your after more performance. 



Our custom gauges can be used to monitor the vitals of your engine, like Boost pressure and exhaust gas temps.


Remapping of Ecus

Ecu remapping, this involves altering factory Ecu tune file, in this, we optimise boost pressure fueling to create a more efficient and powerful engine using less fuel.


VnT Turbo Upgrades

If your factory Turbo fails or you are chasing more performance than your factory turbo can produce we can do and supply custom tuning services to get the best out of the upgrades, larger more efficient turbos can produce up to 150% more torque than the std turbo 

We are an approved installer tuner for G turbo.


Intake Pipes Air Boxes & Exhausts

We are able to supply free flowing exhausts systems, in stainless steel and mild steel.


Dpu Modules

Dpu tuning modules are used when we don’t have access to the factory Ecu, this is a piggyback system that alters signals that the engine Ecu sees, this enables us to customise a tune for your engine.



Intercoolers upgrades are installed to cool the air from the turbo before it enters the engine, denser colder air has more oxygen it, so it’s able to complete the combustion better than factory Intercoolers.


Custom Air Boxes

Custom air boxes that don’t let dust through and destroy your engine.


Larger Intake Pipes

Larger intake pipes used in conjunction with larger turbos are able to supply the extra air needed when looking for higher end performance.

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